europe and the rest of us

europe and the rest of us

today i received an email from George Soros the founder and Chairman of the SOROS foundation. this is a seldom occurrence so i was very curious towards its content and it’s brevity made me even more attracted. so i read a call for “Solidarity with Europe”. the situation in Europe is disheartening and an inevitable one ever since the fall of the US’ economy since a few greedy Americans saw an incredible loss to their system and subsequently that of the rest of the world’s, not to mention many bad decisions made within Europe and short comings of various Europeans snowballing the negative effect of our entire world’s economy.

i was very touched and i am easily when any call to humanity is made for the sake of our fellow humans. however, the other side of me was shocked. after watching the video i was in awe in fact. i could barely stop thinking about it throughout the day and i felt continuously saddened and very sorrowful, not to mention angry as well due to feelings of frustration.

i thought immediately, before i even finished reading the short SOROS email, about the rest of the world. the majority of the world. the part that has been left neglected for SO long. why should we care now that Europe is falling? why should things matter now all of a sudden when they haven’t mattered enough in Uganda and Zambia, or El Salvador and Argentina. Why should i choose Europe and Europeans over South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, or Central America and their residents? They too are our fellow inhabitors of this place. no? But, i have never once received a call by email in solidarity with any of these other continents or other parts of the world. i really don’t feel like getting into an even seemingly academic, post imperialist or anti-colonial discourse here by any means, though it could have otherwise been an appropriate time to do so. all of that’s no the only point. but i find it insensitive that after countless decades and centuries of the third world being raped by Europe that now we should all find the compassion and the place in our hearts for a continent that rarely had any for the rest of the world to begin with. you say balance of power and yade yade yadi YAH. i say to hell with all of that old school history lesson. when i see a headline in my inbox that reads “Time for Solidarity in Europe” i can’t help but remember when there was not enough solidarity towards the invasion of Iraq or the wars in Rwanda, Afghanistan, Palestine or Syria. there people were dying due to an oppressive system not just a faulty economy. it’s true that such debilitating economies are like a disease that slowly eats away at a persons moral but does that mean that we leave aside the sudden blows, accidents and serious knocks on the head that occur in our lives?

i have never felt injustice run so deep and so vain.

as a citizen of the world (and it took me years to be able to identify as that without feeling elitist) i am honestly just not able to distinguish between the economic suffering of the Nicosians or Barcelonans over that of the average citizen of Baghdad or Damascus. Why should we value one so much more than the other? Why am I expected to care more for Europe? Damn it.


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