speaking hands

speaking hands

the hands are an instrument of our mind. – Maria Montessori

Hands summer 2015-11
Sally- flight attendant
Sebastian- doctor
Emily- sales representative
Natalie- flight attendant
Rawan- secretary
Miguel- art gallery owner
Enrique- restaurant business owner
Hugo- chef
Eugina- baker, cook
Miguel- chauffeur
Ricardo- waiter
Mario- chaufer
Grecia- student
Leo- sales personnel
Omar- tour guide
Mike- sales personnel
Suleiman- manager
Maryam- professor, activist
Mimo & Semo- the raison d’etre for the adventure and vacation
Sheryl- baker, sales personnel
Fernando- baker
Nicolas- sales personnel
Kamir- sales personnel
Steve- sales personnel
Jannai- hiker, business owner
Hands summer 2015-36
Manuel- hiker, waiter, restaurant worker
Doug- waiter
Diego- waiter/barista
Bryn- museum attendant/guide
Katie- manager
Heather- yoga instructor & studio owner
Jumana- urban planner
Daniel- waiter
Michel- consultant
Andrew- ice cream server
Sitto- teta, home maker
Jacqueline- student, activist
Amelia- ceramist, designer
Jackie- ice cream server
Ty- dancer, educator, activist,
Ahimsa- artist
Beatrice- waitress
Leena- advocate, activist
Mehdi- student
Eric- cook
Zeinab- researcher
Rana- musician
Stan- retired writer
Nancy- retired
Cathy- sales personel
Evan- museum attendant
Melissa- artist, educator
Hannah- designer, student
Jane- clinical psychologist
Lucy- landscape designer, gardner
Puy- actress, activist, writer
Jill- flight attendant
Claudia- flight attendant
Francois- travel clerk


in the summer of 2015 i recorder the hands of most of the people whom i interacted with and came across over a 6 week period in the US and Mexico.

hands can sometimes mesmerize me. they accomplish so much yet those who do not have any fascinated us by their ability to find alternate ways of achieving what we take for granted on a daily basis. hands are beautiful and telling of many things perhaps.

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