cycling- a photo an hour on Lebanon’s coast

cycling- a photo an hour on Lebanon’s coast







in 2013 with my colleague at the time, Maria and i choose to take on the challenge of running the 10k once again but this time not stopping once throughout the entire “race”. then i decided to take a photograph a minute between strides which resulted in some, if even, average  images. if you insist you can see them in an earlier blog post.
now after a few years of having the desire to, i’ve embarked on a Lebanese coastal cycling trip. along with two other friends, Eliesh and Ibrahim. riding north from Saida to Tripoli in 3 days and 2 nights via Beirut & Batroun. some said but you can do that in a few hours or in a day or 2 max, why are you taking so much time?
for the adventure and pleasure of it. to discover to experience to learn. so, on this trip i’ve chosen to take a photograph each hour of our 70 hour (or so) journey.
i hope you’ll agree with me that these have come out better this time around than the bumpy ride of the 10k experiment 5 years ago. surely, if nothing else the photos are more stable. running on foot is far less smooth than this, cycling on a paved road. though most of the images were taken off of the bicycle.
i hope that through these images you’ll get a sense of the joy that we experienced in these three days.



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